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In this guide, we will cover some Xero problem-solving related topics, which should help with problems you may have come across when setting up/pushing orders over to Xero.

I'm having tax rounding issues on WooCommerce orders

If you're expeirencing tax rounding issues when using Expandly to send WooCommerce orders to Xero, ensure that you set your currency decimals to 2 on your WooCommerce account (WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options). 

I can't send sales orders to a different Xero organisation

If you have previously sent an invoice to an organisation in Xero using Expandly, you will be unable to re-send this invoice to a different organisation. This is because it causes a duplication in invoice numbers for the same order, which can cause problems later down the line.

It's not letting me map to my bank account

This issue will occur, more often than not, due to a numerical code not being assigned the the bank account(s) in your Xero account. Xero require all accounts to have unique numerical codes assigned to them. This is something Xero auto-assign to the sales accounts but they do not do this for bank accounts. You can easily add this information to your bank account sin Xero via your Chart of Accounts. 

I've switched the Xero Scheduler on but it hasn't sent all my orders over to Xero

The scheduler will only send orders across to Xero at the point of the scheduler being switched on - This will not send all historical orders that may exist within your Expandly account over to Xero for you. In these instances, if you wish to send historical order data across, you will be required to manually send the orders to Xero.

It's saying 'Kindly map all accounts' when configuring Xero but I have

This would usually occur if your bank accounts don't have unique codes assigned to them in Xero, or, if there has been some configuration has been - all sales channels, revenues and taxes must be mapped to allow you to save the changes. Please check your Configure Xero page and if problems persist contact support@expandly.com and we will be happy to look in to what could be causing this.

When pushing through an order from Expandly to Xero, on the invoices, no SKU codes/ product codes are being pushed through. Why is this? 

This issue will occur if you have not set up for Expandly to 'Send SKU to Xero'. You will need to amend you configuration if you wish for SKU details to be sent across alongside orders and this can be done by switching the 'Send SKU to Xero' toggle from 'Off' to 'On' within your Xero Status Bar on the Configure Xero page.

My Xero connection is inactive on Expandly but i have connected this up and been sending orders to Xero? 

This issue can occur if you have recently changed your Xero password, or alternatively if Xero have recently pushed releases. Both of these scenarios can have an impact on our connection with your Xero account as for security purposes, Xero will de-activate any third party connections.

You are able to easily resolve this by reactivating the connection on your Configure Xero page - Within the Xero Status bar, simply click 'Activate' in the 'Actions' column, to be redirected to log in to Xero and re-establish the connection. Once this has been done and the connection is active again, you will be able to start pushing orders to your Xero account again. 


If you need a little extra help, no problem. Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

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