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Logo1.png Creating an eBay HTML template/layout



Create an HTML template in Expandly to use for your eBay listings.



Before creating an eBay HTML template in Expandly, ensure you’ve added your eBay seller’s account to Expandly - this can be done on the Getting Started page, or, for more detailed instructions, click here

1. Click Products and Listings (left menu) and under eBay, click HTML layout


2. On the HTML Layout page, click Create New eBay Layout Expandly_-_Create_new_ebay_layot.png

3. Give the HTML layout a name

4. Complete the HTML layout by using the buttons at the top, using the template designer features on the left (by clicking to insert) or clicking the source button to write directly in code

5. Preview your design by clicking Preview and finish your design by clicking Save

Next Steps

Now you've added an HTML layout to Expandly, you might want to:

Add products to Expandly

Manage listings in Exandly

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