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In this guide, we will show you how to apply specific product tax rate details to your products in Expandly, which will ensure that the correct tax rate is applied when sales orders import for products that have specific/unique tax rates, which fall out of your standard tax structure set up. 

Before your start

You will need to add some tax rates to Expandly before attempting to apply different tax rate detail to your product(s). Click here for more information on how do this. 

Adding Product Tax to products

1. Click Products & Listings (left menu) and then click Manage Products

2. Find the product(s) you wish to add tax rate changes to and click the edit mceclip0.png icon 

3. On the Product Details tab, of the Editing Product page, within tax field, select the applicable Tax from the drop-down:




4. Click mceclip1.png (top right) 

5. For variation products, should you wish to determine different tax rates at attribute level (i.e. you sell a combination of adult and children's clothing across the product) you can do this via your Variations tab, of the Editing Product page. Within the Tax column, select the applicable Tax from the drop-down and once done, click mceclip2.png (top right):


N.B. Where you have Allowed for Product Tax, if a tax rate has been added to a product in Expandly, this rate will supersede any country tax, or tax information imported alongside the order(s) from the sales channel.

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