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In this guide, we will show you how to batch orders together in Expandly before sending to Xero. This will allow you to group orders according to sales channel, tax method and currency and may be beneficial to avoid Xero's soft transaction limit. 

Before you start

Before batching your sales orders together for Xero, you will need to connect your Xero account with Expandly. Click here for instructions. 


1. On the Configure Xero page (Settings>Xero), head to the Map Sales Channels section (top). 

2. Under 'Batch', click 'Select Batch' and choose from the following:

Individual (with account number) - this will create a unique code, which will be sent across to Xero alongside the order. This will mean when orders are sent across to Xero, we find the correct contact and two customers with the same name, do not have their invoices sitting on the same contact within Xero

Individual (without account number) - this option will mean that the unique code information is not sent alongside orders and the check will work based on Contact Name only. This option is recommended, especially if customers have been edited/archived on Xero. 

Grouped (with Product) - Expandly will create a separate invoice line per product

Grouped (without product) - Expandly won't create a separate invoice line per product. This option is recommended if your invoices are likely to exceed 500 products (Xero cannot handle more than 500 products on an invoice) 

When grouping orders, SKUs will be shown on the invoice, as long as you have enabled to Send SKU to Xero on your Xero Status bar


3. Once finished, click mceclip1.png (top right)

Grouped Logic

If you have opted to group your orders together, Expandly will create a separate invoice per:

Order Date


Sales Channel

Payment Method (only if your configuration is set to mark invoices as 'Paid' Status)

Expandly will also create separate lines on those invoices per:

Product (if batch option is Grouped-With Product)

Tax Rate

Tracking Category (if applicable)

Need more help?

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