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Logo1.png Creating a picklist template



Create a picklist template to use in Expandly.



1. Click Configuration (left menu), Order Settings and then Template Designer


2. Here, you’ll find all of the templates in Expandly, including the picklist template

1. Locate the picklist template on the Template Designer page and click on the Copy icon (right)Map_Order_Status.PNG

2. Name your new picklist template in the pop-up box and click Submit

3. Locate the new picklist template and click the Edit icon (right) Icons.png

4. Use the template designer to create your new picklist - making use of the keywords on the right by clicking to insert. Once finished click Update (top right)


Note - if you already have an HTML design you want to use, click Source to paste the code

The default format for a picklist is to display grouped items:


If you would prefer your picklist to be grouped by customer name instead, follow these steps when editing the template:

1. Using the template designer add an extra column to your table by right-clicking on the table and selecting column

2. In the column where you want the customer name, click the CustomerName keyword (left)


2. One finished, click Update (top right) to save


Next Steps

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