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Logo1.png Managing reports - viewing, creating and running



View, manage and process reports in Expandly.



1. Click Reporting (left menu) and then Manage Reports


2. Here, you can view the ready-made reports and your custom reports

1. From the Manage Reports page, click Create Report (top right) Expandly_-_Create_report.png

2. Name your new report (top left)

3. Select a report group from the dropdown (top left) - orders, inventory or customers

4. Drag and drop the available fields from the right into the filter area (top left) or the fields area (bottom right)

5. Click Save (top right) Expandly_-_Save.png

6. Your report is now ready to run

1. Click Reporting (main left side menu) and then Run Report


2. Select the report you want to run from the drop down (top left)

3. Select how you would like to export the report:

Export Grid - what’s currently on the page Export All - the whole report

4. Wait for the download to complete

Next Steps

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