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Although Expandly does not post COGS (cost of goods sold)/COS (cost of sales) to Xero, there are different options available to help you handle this. In this guide we will explain these options, so you can decide what option works best for you and your business needs:

Option 1:

The most popular option, to handle COGS/COS, is to send the invoice Expandly to Xero, with product SKU on each invoice line. This will trigger Xero Inventory Tracking, and will handle the COS journals for you. 

As long as SKUs have been set up in Xero (prior to sending orders over), this will trigger the update for you.

Once SKUs are set up on Xero, you can simply switch 'Send SKU to Xero' to 'On' via the your Configure Xero page on Expandly: and this will immediately trigger the Xero Inventory tracking functionality:


Option 2:

If you do not wish to use Xero Inventory Tracking to handle COGS/COS, you could instead run Sales Reports in Expandly, to extract the required Quantity and Cost Price information to allow you to manually post the COGS journal in Xero.

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