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Logo1.png Printing a Royal Mail Shipping Manifest



Print a Royal Mail shipping manifest from Expandly.


Coming soon.


1. Go to Sales Orders, Manage Sales Orders

2. Click the Manifest button (top right)

3. Click the green Upload button Expandly_-_upload.png to upload

1. Go to Configuration, Order Settings and Template Designer


2. Find the invoice you want to add a PPI image to and click on the edit icon (right) Icons.png

Note: if the edit icon is not showing, click the copy icon to create an editable version of the invoice

3. Click the RoyalMailPPI Image keyword (right) to select the PPI image you want to be included on the invoice

4. Once finished, click Update to save Expandly_-_Update.png

Next Steps

Now you've added Royal Mail PPI images to Expandly, you might want to:

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Send orders to Xero from Expandly

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