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I can't log in

If you've forgotten your password, click here, if you've forgotten your username, contact us

How do I refresh my browser's cache?

If you're using Windows, hold down Ctrl + F5

If you're using Apple/Mac, hold down Apple + R

If you're using Linux, hold down F5

What Amazon territories do you support?

We support Amazon UK, Europe, US & Canada. 

How do I list to Amazon

That's easy. Simply follow this user guide on how to list products to a single sales channel. 

Can I use Expandly to bulk copy products to/from Amazon?

Yes, you can use Expandly to bulk list products to Amazon - just follow this user guide

You can also use Expandly to bulk import products from Amazon - just follow this user guide.

Can I list products to Amazon if I'm brand registered?

Yes, you can list products to Amazon using Expandly if you're brand registered - even without a product ID (such as EAN or UPC). Simply check with Amazon what information you need to include in your listings (usually brand), or get a GCID from them, and start listing accordingly.  

What countries do you support?

We support eBay UK, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, China, US & Canada. 

I have listed my products to eBay and it says they have gone into a queue?

When listing multiple products to eBay using Expandly, they'll go into a queue to begin listing in the background. To see the status of your listings, go onto the eBay Listing Status page using the left-side menu (Products & Listings > eBay > Listing Status) where listings will show as either queued, completed or failure (with an error code).

When I list a variation product, it appears as a single product on Etsy

If your variation product is showing as a single product on Etsy, you'll need to double-check your mapped variations in Expandly. Simply go to the Manage Variation page using the left-side menu (Configuration > Product Settings > Manage Variations) and ensure that all of the drop-down boxes are mapped to a value, e.g., size to size (if it's showing "Etsy Properties" it's not yet been mapped correctly).

Once completed, revise or list your product again to update your variations.  

What shopping carts do you support?

We support plenty of shopping carts including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop. You can see the full list here, and, if your shopping cart isn't there, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 

Why can I not list to my website?

Unfortunately, some shopping carts don't support listing products. If the List Product page isn't showing for your shopping cart, this might be the case, but please get in touch so that we can double-check. 

What is FTP and how do I find it?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is needed on Expandly to upload a bridge file onto your web server, enabling us to connect with your shopping cart/website.  To find your FTP, contact your I.T team or hosting provider. 

I've pulled my Shopify categories into Expandly, but when I go to list my products they're not showing?

If your Shopify categories aren't appearing when you go to list your products, check the type of category you use (Shopify only allows us to list to Custom type categories) by going to the Manage Shopify Category page (Products & Listings > Shopify > Manage Shopify Category) and checking in the Collection Type column. 

If you're not using custom category types, create them in Shopify and then sync your categories again on Expandly.  

What webstores do you support?

We support plenty of webstores including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop. You can see the full list here, and, if your shopping cart isn't there, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 

How do I connect my website?

Connecting your website is easy - just follow this user guide.

Do you support FTP connections?

Yes, we do.  

How do I import historical orders from my shopping cart and marketplace into Expandly?

To import your historic sales orders go to your Manage Sales Order page using the left-side menu (Sales Orders > Manage Sales Orders) onto your Manage Sales Orders. Click the Manual Import button (top right), select the sales channel and then choose the date range on the pop-up and click Get Orders to import. This may take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Can I create orders from my physical store?

Yes, you can create manual orders using Expandly. First, add a custom store (i.e., a physical store, telephone order line or unsupported sales channel) to Expandly following this user guide

Then, on the Manage Sales Order page (Sales Orders > Manage Sales Orders), click the Create Order button (top right), select manual order and complete the required information. 

Can Expandly send orders to my warehouse?

You can send orders to your warehouse by exporting them from Expandly into a CSV file and forwarding this file to your warehouse. 

To export orders to a CSV file, go to your Manage Sales Order page using the left-side menu (Sales Orders > Manage Sales Orders), select the orders you want to export using the tick boxes, and then click Bulk Actions > Export Orders to CSV and choose Order CSV to begoin downloading.

You can also create your own Order CSV formate in the template designer can export your orders into a CSV file and then send that file to your warehouse.  

Can I import my existing products and listings into Expandly?

Yes, you can import existing products from sales channels into Expandly without manually rekeying the information. Follow this user guide to see how. 

Can I merge products when I'm selling the same products on a marketplace and my website?

Yes, you can merge products from different sales channels. This happens automatically when importing your products into Expandly if the SKUs match. To do it manually, follow this user guide

Do I need to merge my products on import?

Before importing your products for the first time, you'll be asked if you want to merge your products or create each listing as a new product. 

To edit these settings, do to the Configure Live Inventory page (Configuration > Product Settings > Configure Live Inventory).

Can I get help to make sure my data merges correctly?

If your SKUs match across your sales channels, your products should merge correctly when importing them.

To check, go to the Listings Overview page (Products & Listings > Listings Overview) to view all of your products and where they are listed (if multiple sales channels are listed for one product, you know the merge has been successful).

If you're having problems, get in touch, and we'll happily help. 

Can I import images, prices and descriptions?

Yes, when importing your products into Expandly images, prices and descriptions for each sales channel are automatically imported. 

If you want to edit any of this information, go to the Manage Products page (Products & Listings > Manage Products) and click the edit icon to change any information. 

How many SKUs can Expandly cope with?

Expandly can cope with any number of products, but you will be limited depending on your plan. Take a look at the different plans here and if you need to change, follow this user guide

Will deleting my products on Expandly delete my listings?

Deleting your products on Expandly will not delete or affect anything on your sales channels unless you specifically end the listing using Expandly. 

Can I set different prices, titles, etc. for each of my sales channels?

Yes, you can set different information for the same product depending on the sales channel. Go to the Manage Products page (Products & Listings > Manage Products), click the edit icon and use the Sales Channel tab to enter sales channel-specific information. 

Can I update my products in bulk?

Yes, you can update your products in bulk on Expandly by:

#1 - Using the bulk editor to update your products with the same information (e.g., adding in fields such as brand, supplier, who made and when made) - just follow this user guide

#2 - Using a CSV file to update your products (e.g. adding specific product information such as EANs, UPCs, descriptions and selling price) - just follow this user guide.

How do I update product quantities?

You can update your product quantities in one of three ways:

#1 Quick Edit (best for updating only a few) - Go to the Manage Products Page (Products & Listings > Manage Products), click the value in the Total Quantity column and enter the new stock level to update Expandly and your sales channels.

#2 - CSV (best for updating in bulk alongside other fields) - Use a CSV file to bulk update product quantities by following this user guide

#3 - Stocktake (best for updating in bulk when this is all you are changing) Use the Stock In or Stock Take feature by following this user guide(here are a few different ways to update your stock levels on Expandly. 


Does Expandly email invoices to my customers?

There are two ways to send invoices using Expandly:

#1 - Use Expandly to create and save the invoice to PDF (or print them), to email to your customers

#2 - Use Expandly to send orders to Xero and then use Xero to send the invoice 

How do I send orders to Xero?

You can send orders manually or automatically to Xero using Expandly's direct integration. Find out here in this user guide.

Why am I having tax rounding issues with Xero?

If you're using WooCommerce, ensure that the number of decimals is set to 2 in your Currency Options in WooCommerce (WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options). 

Can I send my orders into Sage?

You can upload orders into Sage by downloading a CSV file from Expandly and uploading it into your Sage account. 

Can I send my orders into Quickbooks?

You can upload orders into Quickbooks by downloading a CSV file from Expandly and uploading it into your Sage account.  

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