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In this guide, we will show you how to easily remove a sales channel from your Expandly account. 

Removing a sales channel

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then click Sales Channels:


2. On the Sales Channels page, you can see an overview of your sales channels/accounts:


3. Find the sales channel/account that you wish to remove from Expandly - Press the delete mceclip2.pngicon (within the Remove column) to remove the channel/account from Expandly. 

Please Note: Prior to removing a channel from Expandly, you will be required to remove all listings associated with this particular channel/account (this can be done via your Manage (channel) Listings page. Here you can select all the listings and remove them via the Bulk Actions>Delete function) and will also need to archive all sales orders (including any orders marked as complete). 

Need more help?

If you need more help, no problem. Contact us, and we'll talk you through the steps. 

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