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In this guide, we will show you how to delete products from your Expandly account. 

Deleting products from Expandly

1. Click Products & Listings (left menu) and then click Manage Products:


2. On your Manage Products page, fine the product(s) you wish to delete from your Expandly account by using the search or filters functions:



3. Click mceclip6.png (top right) and then select mceclip7.png from the drop-down:


4. Confirm that you wish to delete the product(s) by clicking mceclip5.png


5. Notification will be received in the bottom right hand corner, to let you know that the product(s) have been deleted successfully:



Please Note:

  • By deleting products via your Manage Products page, this will also remove any channel listings from your Expandly account and these will no longer be available to view on your Manage Listings page(s).
  • If listings are still live on your sales channels, deleting product(s) from Expandly will have no affect on the listing itself. This will remain active unless the listing is ended, either via the channel directly, or Expandly. 

Need more help? 

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us, and we'll talk you through the steps. 

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