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In this guide, we will show you how to update your product & listings stock levels, via the quick edit feature. 

Updating quantities via the Quick Edit

1. Click Products & Listings (left menu) and then click Manage Products:


2. On the Manage Products page, find the product(s) you wish to update by using the search bar, or filters.

3. Click on the quantity number within the Total Quantity column - These are underlined to show that the field is editable. For variations, click on the link within the Total Quantity column to option the Product Variation pop up, where you will be able to complete this action for variation SKUs. 

4. Within the Total Quantity field, update the stock level as required:



5. Click out of the Total Quantity field to update the product - You will receive a message in the bottom right hand corner to let you know that the update has been successful:


6. When updating quantities via the Quick Edit, this will update the quantity on Expandly and will also push the stock level change out to any associated channel listings, if Live Inventory is enabled. 

Need more help?

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us, and we'll talk you through the steps. 

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