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List products to your website shopping cart using Expandly.



Before listing products via Expandly, ensure you have synced and imported your shopping cart categories categories

You can do this on the Managing Category page by clicking Manage [Shopping Cart] Category (left menu) under Manage Products and your chosen shopping cart, and then clicking Sync Categories (or, for more detailed instructions click here)


1. Click Products and Listings (left menu), and under your shopping cart, click List Products


2. On the List Products page, select your shopping cart account from the drop-down menu to display all of the products you can list


3. Find the product(s) you want to list either by scrolling or filtering and select them by ticking the box on the right

4. For the products you want to list, select the category by using the Select Category box (right) or by bulk selecting a category from the top drop down menu


5. Click List Now or Schedule Later (top right) Expandly_-_List_now_or_Schedule_later.png

6. The products will now begin listing (this may take a few minutes), and once finished, will appear on your website and Manage Listings page

1. Click Products and Listings (left menu) and then Manage Products


2. Find the product you want to list and click the edit icon

3. On the Sales Channels tab, edit the sales channel specific information, or click Copy Information from Master Product Details

4. Click Save and List Now (top right)

5. Select the sales channels you want to list to, and click Next

6. Choose the relevant templates for each sales channel, clicking List Now and Next Channel once completed

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