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Batch orders together in Expandly before sending to Xero, to avoid Xero's soft transaction limit and group orders according to sales channel, tax method and currency.



Before batching your sales orders together for Xero, you must integrate your Xero account with Expandly:

1. Click Configuration (left menu) and then Configure Xero


2. On the Configure Xero page, click Add New Connection (top right) Expandly_-_Add_new_connection.png to be redirected to Xero

3. Once redirected, login to your Xero account

4. On the next page, click Authorise to allow Expandly to connect with your Xero account.

To automatically batch your orders together before sending to Xero:

1. Head to the Configure Xero page (Configuration (left menu) > Configure Xero) and go to the Map Sales Channel section (top)

Under "Batch", click "select batch" to choose Individual (to send sales orders individually to Xero) or Grouped (to send sales orders batched to Xero)


2. Once finished, click Save Accounts (top right) to save

Once you have opted to group your orders, Expandly will create separate invoices per currency, sales channel and tax method (included, excluded and no tax); and create separate lines on those invoices per tracking category (if applicable), tax rate and product.

Next Steps

Now you've configured Expandly to batch invoices for you, you might want to:

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