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Logo1.png Printing a Royal Mail Manifest



In this guide, we will show you how to create and print a Royal Mail manifest via Expandly.

Creating a Royal Mail Manifest

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then click Manage Sales Orders

2. Find the order numbers that you wish to include in the manifest and select using the left hand tick box.

3. Click mceclip23.png (top right) to produce a manifest for all labels created that day:



Please Note:

Any label created throughout the day, which you have not created a manifest for, will be auto-manifested at 11.30pm (GMT) each day. 

If you do not wish for auto-manifests to be created each day, please contact Expandly and we will raise a request through Royal Mail to disable the manifest automation. Please be aware that should auto-manifest be disabled, any shipments created after the manifest has been created, will fall onto the next manifest. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that manifests are generated, otherwise Royal Mail may chase and fine. 


Need more help?

If you need any additional help, no problem. Contact us and we'll talk you through the steps. 

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