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In this guide, we will show you how to create and print shipping address labels directly from Expandly. 

Creating a shipping address label

Before you can print a shipping address label, you need to create an address label template. We do have a default Shipping Address template available, however this can be edited, so Expandly knows how to format your labels. 

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then click Template Designer:


2. On the Templates page, find the Shipping Address (Default) template and click mceclip1.png to create a copy.

3. On the Copy Template pop-up, name the template and click mceclip3.png


4. On the Templates page, locate your new template and click mceclip4.png to make changes.

5. On the Template Layouts dropdown, select how many labels you want to create per sheet:


6. Use the template designer to create your shipping address label template - keyword can be selected from within the Keyword section (left hand side) to build your labels and include all required details. 

7. Once finished, click mceclip7.png (top right) to see a label preview, or click mceclip8.png to save. 


Printing shipping address labels

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then click Manage Sales Orders:


2. From the Manage Sales Orders page, find and select the order(s) you want to print the shipping address label(s) for by using the filter options and selecting by ticking the box (right side):


3. Click Bulk Actions (top right) and then Print Shipping Address:


4. On the Print Shipping Address pop-up, select your template and click mceclip13.png


5. Your labels will then open in a separate window for you to print. 

Need more help?

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us and we'll talk you through the steps. 

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