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In this guide, we will show you how to manually merge your individual (no variations) products, on Expandly, to ensure accurate stock levels when sales orders import, or quantities are updated. 

What is product merging? 

If you sell a individual product (with no variations), and this has a different SKU or product title on different sales channels, you can perform a product merge to link the quantities

For example:

I sell pink socks, one size fits all, under SKU 123 on Amazon and SKU 321 on eBay. I'll need to do a product merge to link the quantities.

Thing to note before merging products:

Before merging products, it's important to note:

  • If using Amazon, select the Amazon product as the primary product. Their quantity updates works based on SKU so if this is removed from the product during the merging process, this will cause issues with inventory updates.
  • Once Product merges have been saved on Expandly, only the primary product selected will appear on your Expandly account. The other product/variations will be merged into the primary product and listings will become linked based on this merge. 
  • Product merges are irreversible. Once merged, you will not be able to unmerge the products/Listings on Expandly and will instead be required to delete the product(s) from Expandly and reimport to recreate the separate products and listings into Expandly

Merging products on Expandly

1. Click Products & Listings (left menu) and then Manage Products:


2. On the Manage Products page, find and select the products that you wish to merge together using the search bar or filters:


3. Click mceclip2.png (top right) and select the following:



Product Merge - Linking a product without variations that has a different SKU or product title

4. Where Product Merge is selected, on the Merge Products page, select the primary product and click mceclip5.png


5. Confirm that the merge does not infringe the rules of your sales channels by clicking mceclip7.png


6. On the Editing Product page, make changes (if required) to product details and then click mceclip8.png (top right). From here you can select from the following:

Save - Product merge and changes will be saved on Expandly only.

Save & List Now - This option will allow you to save the merge and also get the product (if not already) listed online.

Save & Revise - This will save the merge and will also allow you to push out any product changes you have made, to listings that already exist. 

Need more help?

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us, and we'll be happy to help. 

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