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In this guide, we will explain how to create individual and variation products in your Expandly account, which can then be added to your Expandly inventory and listed across your selling channel(s). 

Creating a product on Expandly

Adding a product to Expandly

1. Click Products & Listings (left menu) and then click Manage Products:


2. On your Manage Products page, click Add Product (top right) and then click Add Manually:


3. On your Add Products page, on the Product Details tab - and within the Product Details section, add details about your product- Any fields marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory, and must be provided to allow you to create the product. Information you may be required to include, or may wish to add, include: 

Title (*) - the title of the product on Expandly and what will be displayed when the product is listed on your sales channel(s)

Selling Price (*) - the price you want to sell at

Cost Price - the cost of the product to you - this will not be shown on your listings but may be used in conjunction with reporting 

SKU (*) - the stock keeping unit

Location - where the product is located

Total Quantity (*) - the product quantity that you hold

Low Stock Quantity - the level of the stock that you want to be alerted of, to avoid selling out

Brand - select the product brand from the drop-down menu

Supplier - select the product supplier from the drop-down menu

(if Brand or Suppliers have not yet been created, please click the edit icon mceclip2.pngto open the Brand/Supplier pop ups, which will allow you to create these) 





Dimensions - your default dimension units can be set up via your Settings>General Settings page

Weight - your default weight units can be set up via your Settings>General Settings page

Tax - if the product you are creating, has a different tax rate (for example, the sale of coffee beans is zero rated instead of the standard 20% rate), you can apply the tax information here

Description - enter your product description either by text (format accepted by Amazon, Etsy, Wish and shopping carts such as Shopify) or HTML (format accepted by eBay) by selecting the appropriate tab.



4. On your Add Products page, on the Product Details tab - and within the Images section, upload the product images either from your computer or via the URLs:


Please Note: if you are creating a variation product, and would like to associate images to specific variations, click mceclip5.png:


5. On your Add Products page, on the Product Details tab - and within the Custom Fields section, add any custom fields you wish you apply to the product:


Please Note: Custom Fields are internal fields only - these can only be used across Expandly and will not be shown on your sales channels or listings. 

6. If the product has variations, that you wish to create/list, on your Add Products page, on the Variations tab, tick mceclip7.png

7. Within the Variations section, apply the Variation from the drop-down. If the variation does not already exist, you can create this from this page by clicking the edit icon:


8. Once the variation(s) attribute(s) have been applied, a text box will then appear for you to determine the variation options. Please enter the variation names here, separating each option using a comma (Red, Blue, Green for example) and then click mceclip10.png:


9. Once the variations have been generated, edit the information as necessary including:

SKU, Price and Quantity

Tax - if your variations have different tax rates (E.G. you are selling adult and children's sizes across the same product, which will have different tax rates), you can apply these to the variations here. 

Weight - if the variations have different weights, you can add these here

Bundle - if your variations form part of a bundle, you can click the Bundle icon mceclip13.png, to open the Bundle pop up, where you can build the bundle and save the changes

Sales Channel Details - if you wish for your variations to have different sales channel details (you want a different Title or Selling Price to be shown across your different sales channels for example), you can click the Sales Channel Details icon  mceclip14.pngwhich will open a pop up to allow you to determine, and save, the details at sales channel level:


10. If you have Locations enabled on your Expandly account (Multi-Stock Locations – Expandly: Help & Support), on the Locations tab, determine your stock levels, and location level:


11. On the Sales Channel tab, complete any sales-channel specific information by clicking the appropriate sales channel logo. Here, you will be able to determine what information you want to be shown at sales-channel level. For example, you may wish to sell at different selling prices across eBay, Shopify and Etsy. You can add the different selling prices on the relevant channel tabs, to ensure that the correct information is shown across all of the listings that you want to create. 

On the Sales Channel Tabs, you are also able to set Sales Channel Stock Levels. Please see the below Support Guide for more information:

Applying Sales Channel stock levels in Expandly – Expandly: Help & Support






12. If you have created a single product (with no variations), and this is a bundle product, on the Bundle Items tab, click mceclip21.png to build the bundle and add components:



Please Note: If you are creating a variation product, this tab will not be shown and you will instead be required to build the bundle via the Variations tab instead (covered in Point 9). 

13. Once you are happy that all product, variation, sales channel, location and bundle information has been added, click mceclip22.png (top right) and the select either:

Save - this will save to product to Expandly and will then be available to view on your Manage Products page for you to manage

Save & List Now - this will initiate the listing process and on the pop-up, you will be able to select which channel accounts you wish to push the product to:


Please Note: if you are wishing to list the product during the creation process, you will be required to ensure that all channel-required information, that is needed to successfully list, has been applied to the product. The information required differs depending on the sales channel so please see our Listing Guides for more information:

Creating listings – Expandly: Help & Support

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