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In this guide, we will explain how to use your partner portal to access your multiple client accounts, from one central portal. 

What is a Partner Portal?

When you become a partner, Expandly will set you up with a Partner Portal log in. This account will allow you to access and manage your client accounts, from on central location and without the need of logging in to multiple different client accounts separately. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Partner Programme, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you:

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Logging in to your Partner Portal

1. Sign In to your Expandly account using the details provided:


2. Once logged into your portal, you will see 3 drop-down options on the left-hand navigation pane:


3. Expandly HQ

This page will show you the following details:

Partner Name 

Clients - this will show you the total of clients linked to the client portal

Partner Status - this will show you the status of your partner account

Partner Code - your partner code can be provided to your clients and they can use this code when signing up to Expandly, which will automatically link their account to your portal



4. Clients

On this page you can:

Add Clients

  • At the top right of the page, click mceclip4.png
  • On the Sign-up pop up, fill in all the required details and then click mceclip9.png


View Clients

  • Any clients already linked to your partner portal can be viewed on the Clients page:


Access Client Expandly Accounts

  • Click mceclip11.png, which will open the client Expandly account in a separate pop up:


Unlink Clients

  • Click mceclip13.png to remove clients from your partner portal. 

5. Manage Users 

On this page, you can add, view, edit or delete users associated with the partner portal:


Managing Users and Permissions – Expandly: Help & Support

Need more help? 

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss and talk you through the steps.

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