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Logo1.png Creating an eBay HTML template/layout



In this guide, we will show you how to create an eBay HTML template/layout, to use for your eBay listings. 

Creating a HTML template

1. Click on Products & Listings (left menu)>eBay and then click Html Layout:


2. Click mceclip1.png (top right)

3. On the Ebay HTML Layout page, give the HTML layout a name:


4. Complete the HTML layout by using the buttons at the top, using the template designer features on the left (by clicking the keywords to insert) or by clicking the source button mceclip3.png to write directly in code:


5. Preview your design by clicking mceclip5.png and finish your design by clicking mceclip6.png

6. Once complete, your HTML layout (s) will be available to apply to your products, when completing eBay required information, that is needed to list:


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