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In this guide, we will show you how to on-board your Expandly account, via our Setup Wizard.

The Setup Wizard will allow you to configure the main elements of your Expandly account including adding sales channels, importing your existing listings and importing any historical sales order data you may wish to see in your account. 

Using the Set-Up Wizard 

1. When logging in to your Expandly account for the first time, you will be automatically entered in to the Setup Wizard. Alternatively, if you have previously logged into the account, or have exited the wizard, you can re-access by clicking Settings (left-hand navigation pane) and then click Setup Wizard:


2. On your Setup Wizard, complete Store Information, Store Settings and Company Information. Information to be provided will include:

  • Store Information

Owner name

Account Email

Both of these fields will be auto-populated based on the information you provided when signing up to the account. Should you wish for any of these details to be changed, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


  • Store Settings

Live Inventory - this will determine if Expandly updates your stock levels across your different sales channel listings once a sales order is imported in to Expandly. This update will work based on SKU and listings must have been imported in to Expandly in order for live inventory to be successful.

Default Currency (*) - this will be defaulted based on details you provided when creating the account but can be changed via the drop-down.

Date Format (*) 

Weight Unit (*) 

Dimensions (*) 

Next Invoice Number - if you are planning on using Expandly to generate invoices, you can specify the next invoice number that you wish to be used, should you already have an invoice number system in place.

Next PO Number - if you are planning on using Expandly to generate purchase orders, you can specify the next PO number that you wish to be used, should you already have a PO Number system in place. 

Shipping Label Size (*) - this will determine the label size you wish to print shipping labels on

Logo - you can upload your logo to Expandly, which can then be used across templates that you create within Expandly. 


  • Company Information

Complete your Company Information, including Company Name, Address and Phone Number details:


3. Once complete, click mceclip4.png (bottom right). 

4. On the Sales Channel Page, select which marketplace and web cart channels you wish to add to your Expandly account and then click mceclip4.png:


5. Follow the instructions to successfully connect the channel accounts selected, to your Expandly account:




Please Note: Each channel may have a slightly different way in which it is added to Expandly. You are able to view support material, which will provide you will assistance channel-by-channel, in our Adding Sales Channels section of our Help Centre:

Sales channels – Expandly: Help & Support

6. Once all sales channel accounts have been connected, on the Import Listings Page, you can easily import your existing listings from your sales channels into your Expandly account.  You can chose to either import all listings from all sales channels (which will import all active listings for the past 10 years), or you can manually import, where you will be able to select the accounts and date ranges you wish to import into Expandly (this method is suggested should your listings have been created over 10 years ago, to ensure all listings are brought into Expandly for you). Once you have selected your preferred Listing Import method, click mceclip4.png:



7. Once you have imported your listings, on the Sales Orders Page you can determine whether you would like to import any historical sales order data in to your Expandly account. Once Sales Channel accounts have been connected, we will automatically import any new sales orders that are received however there may be occasions that you wish to see historical data (if you are using Expandly to push orders to Xero for example) and in that instance you would need to manually import the data. 

Again, there are a couple of import options for you to choose from - you can either select to import sales order data from all channel accounts you have connected up to Expandly, for a certain date rage, or you can select to download historical order data from specific channels only. Alternatively, if you do not want to bring in any historical order data, simply click mceclip4.png to continue:


8. Congratulations! You have completed the Setup Wizard. You will now be returned to your Settings page, where you can view additional areas of Expandly that you may be interested in such as connecting Xero or your Shipping Carriers:



Need more help?

If you need more help, no problem! Contact Us and we'll be happy to talk you through the steps. 

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