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In this guide we will explain how you can create sales orders within your Expandly account either manually, or via a CSV upload. 

Before you start

Before you are able to create sales orders manually within Expandly, you will need to add custom store(s) and customers to Expandly. Please see the below guides for more detailed instructions on these processes:

Adding a sales channel - Custom Store – Expandly: Help & Support

Managing Customers – Expandly: Help & Support

Creating sales orders manually

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders


2. On your Manage Sales Orders page, click mceclip0.png (top right) and then from the drop-down, select mceclip1.png:


3. On your Create Order page, complete information within the following sections:

  • Order Detail

This section will include:

- Product Details - you can search for the product (s) you wish to add the the order by typing the SKU/Title and then clicking the mceclip5.png icon to bring back results:

Please Note: Products must exist within Expandly to allow you to add these to an order. These can either be created within your Expandly as a result of a listing import from your sales channels or alternatively you can create products within you Expandly account either manually or via a CSV upload. 

- Order Line Details - once product(s) have been added to the order, you can then specify details such as Price, Quantity, Discounts and Tax, at order line level:


Please Note: You can also click the edit mceclip8.png icon at order line level, which will open a Line Items Details pop up, where you can specify additional information such as whether you wish to allocate stock (deduct the quantity), or add information such as Dimensions or HS Codes:


- Shipping - you can search for the shipping you wish to apply the the order by typing the Shipping Service and then clicking the mceclip5.png icon to bring back results. Once this has been done, you can also specify details such as Price, Quantity, Discounts and Tax, for your shipping:


  • Order Summary

This section will include:

- Payment Details - here you can manually add a Transaction ID and also select the relevant Payment Method and Status from the drop-downs:


- Total Weight - this information will either be pulled from the weight information added to the product in Expandly or alternatively, you can edit this information at Order Line Level to ensure correct Total Weight Information is applied to the order:


- Order Notes - you have the option, if needed, to manually add any Order Notes to the order:


- Sub/Gross Total - this information will be auto-populated for you based on the information added within the Order Details section;


  • Order Information

This section will allow you to add the Order Number, Record Number (if applicable), Date of Order and Order Source:


  • Customer Detail

Search and add the customer details you wish to add to the order:

  • Custom Fields 

If you wish to add any Custom Field information to the order (this would be for a non-standard field that does not belong in Expandly, to allow you to manage any Custom Order information you may want to add):


4. Once finished, and all order information has been completed, click mceclip19.png (top right) to create the order

5. The manual order, once saved, will then appear on your Manage Sales Orders page where you can then manage the order through to completion:


Adding Sales Orders via CSV

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then click Sales Orders

2. On your Manage Sales Orders page, click mceclip0.png (top right) and then from the drop down, select 'Upload via CSV'

3. On the Upload Orders via CSV page, click mceclip6.png to download the sample CSV file

4. Open the downloaded file into Excel (or any other spreadsheet software),complete the relevant information for your order(s) and once done, save the file to your computer

Please Note: The sample file will contain example orders, highlighting which fields must be completed in order to successfully create the order(s) on Expandly

5. Once you have completed and saved the CSV sales order spreadsheet file, return to your Upload Orders via CSV page in Expandly and either drag and drop your spreadsheet into the Drop Zone or manually select the file by clicking 'Choose File':


6. Click mceclip8.png to upload the file into Expandly

Need more help? 

If you need a little extra help, no problem. Contact us and we'll be happy to help. 


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