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There may be some instances when selling on Amazon that you fulfil products yourself and also via FBA. 

Expandly assumes in the instance of different fulfilment methods (FBM & FBA) of the same product, that different SKUs are set up in Amazon. This would result in 2 products being created within Expandly when you carry out your listing import and means that you can keep you stock levels separate and ensure that stock is not deducted from your FBM products, when FBA orders are placed. 

We understand however that customers SKU structure set-ups can differ and, in some instances, SKUs/ Titles and ASINs are the same across both fulfilment method listings that have been created in Amazon. In these instances, when you import your listings into Expandly, the listings will merge and this will mean that when sales orders import (and live inventory is enabled), regardless of whether it is an FBA order or not, Expandly will deduct the stock levels from all listings associated with the product in Expandly. This will include the FBM listing, which we understand you may wish to remain unaffected from a stock-level point of view, when an FBA or is placed. 

In this guide, we will show you how to set up Expandly to not update product quantities, in the instance of FBA orders. 

Before you start

Before you can set up for FBA orders to not drive a product quantity update, you will need to connect an Amazon account to Expandly. Please see guide below for instructions:

Adding a sales channel - Amazon – Expandly: Help & Support

Setting up for FBA orders to not update stock levels

1. Go to Settings (left menu) and then click General Settings:


2. On your General Settings page, and within the Store Settings Section, you will see an Amazon FBA Update Stock option.

If you do not wish for Amazon FBA orders, when they import into Expandly, to trigger a quantity update, click the toggle to mceclip2.png:


If you do wish for Amazon FBA orders, when they import into Expandly to trigger a quantity update, click the toggle to mceclip4.png:


Please Note:

  • An Amazon account must be connected to Expandly for this option to be shown on the General Settings page. Please see 'Before you start' section for instructions on how to add your account. 
  • When an Amazon account is connected, the default Amazon FBA Update Stock option will be 'Off', so FBA orders will not trigger quantity updates to your product unless the setting is changed. 

3. Click mceclip5.png (top right) to save your changes. 

Need more help?

Need more help, no problem. Contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

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