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In this guide, we will show you how to generate and print Amazon Buy shipping labels for your sales orders, using Expandly. 

Before you start

  • Before attempting to generate and print shipping labels on Expandly, you will need to connect your Amazon Buy Shipping account to Expandly. Please click here for more details. 
  • Amazon Buy Shipping can only be used for Amazon orders. If you are hoping to create Amazon Buy Shipping labels for multi-channel orders, you would be required to send the orders to FBA and handle the shipping from there instead. Please click here, which will explain how you are able to send multi-channel orders to FBA, using Expandly:

Generating Amazon Buy Shipping Labels

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then click Manage Shipments:


2. On the Manage Shipments page, find the sales orders you wish to generate shipping labels for by using the filters and then use the left-hand tick box to select:


3. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Order Notes column, if there are any Order Notes associated with the sales order(s), the icon will be highlighted green mceclip2.png- Simply click on this icon to open the Order Notes pop up and view:


4. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Country/Shipping Method column, it will show the Country and Shipping Method imported alongside the sales order from the sales channel:

The Country cannot be changed however you can edit the Shipping Method if you wish by clicking on the Shipping Method, which will open a text box for you to make the necessary change:


5. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Weight/Dimensions column, this will show any weight and dimensions associated with the sales order. If available, this will be brought in from the sales channels itself. If not, this will pull from the product instead (if this information has been added) or alternatively you can enter this manually:



Please Note: Setting up your default weight and dimension units can be done on Expandly, via your General Settings page. Please see the below Support Guide for more information:
Adding and managing your default weight and dimension units in Expandly – Expandly: Help & Support

6. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Shipping Carrier/Shipping Service column, select the Amazon Buy Shipping from the drop-down (If there are multiple Amazon Buy Shipping accounts connected to Expandly you will be able to differentiate these by the Account Identifier Name, which you entered when adding the carrier to Expandly) and also determine the experience. There will be 4 options to choose from  - No Tracking, Delivery Confirmation Without Signature, Delivery Confirmation With Signature & Delivery Confirmations With Adult Signature:



Click the edit mceclip12.png icon, to add any additional information and once done, click mceclip14.png:


Please Note: On the Additional Information pop up you have the option to 'Use predefined packaging'. If you select 'Yes' from the drop-down this will then bring back any predefined Amazon packaging you have enabled on your Amazon account and this will be the information sent to Amazon. 

Also, for any Carriers our Countries where further additional information is needed, another pop up will be populated, for you to provide the information needed. 

7. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Label Status column, it will show you the status of the label:

Create Label - click on this to create the label. This will open the Amazon Buy Shipping - Select Service pop up, where you can select the applicable service from the list. The Service List displayed on Expandly will mirror the list that is available on Amazon itself:  


Once service is selected, click mceclip6.png and on the Print Labels pop up, select the Label Size from the drop-down and then click mceclip1.png:



Needs Printing - this status will show if the label has been created but not printed. Click on 'Needs Printing' to open the Print Labels pop up, where you can select the Label Size from the drop-down and then click mceclip1.png.

Printed - this status will show if you have already created and printed a shipping label. You can click on 'Printed' to open the Print Labels pop up, where you can select the Label Size from the drop-down and then click mceclip1.png to print labels out again. 

Please Note: If you have attempted to create a label and an error has been returned, this will be highlighted with a error mceclip2.png icon. Simply click on this to open the Error Details pop up to view the error. 

8. On the Manage Shipments page, within the Tracking Number column, once a label has been created and printed you will see either:

  • The Tracking Number associated with the label - there will be a clickable link available here, to take you to the carrier website where you can track the item
  • If there are no tracking details, this column will update to 'Shipped' instead
  • Once the labels have been created/printed and the status has updated to Shipped, this will in turn update the status of the sales order on your Manage Sales Orders page too and will trigger for the status update to be pushed to the sales channel.  

9. To add Weight/Dimensions, Carrier/Services and/or Create or Print labels in bulk, select the sales orders using the left hand tick box and then select your action within the mceclip3.png drop-down (top right):


You are also able to Cancel Labels via the Bulk Actions drop-down should this be required. 

Need more help? 

If you need a little extra help - no problem! Please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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