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Logo1.png Refreshing your Shopify token on Expandly



In this guide, we will show you how to refresh your Shopify token on Expandly

Refreshing your Shopify Token

1. Log in to your Shopify account. Click Settings and then go to your Apps and Sales Channels page:




2.On the Apps and Sales Channels page, find Expandly and click mceclip1.png

3. On the pop-up, click mceclip3.png to uninstall:



4. Once Expandly has been uninstalled as an app from Shopify, log in/return to your Expandly account. Click Settings (left navigation pane) and then click Sales Channels:



5. On your Sales Channels page, find the Shopify sales channel/account and click the refresh icon mceclip0.pngwithin the Edit column

6.Sign in to your Shopify account and on the Install page, click mceclip5.png (top right):


7. Once this has been done, you will then be redirected to Expandly, where you can check, confirm and save your Order Status Mapping and carry out a listing import, should you have any new products listed, that need to be brought into your Expandly account (if you don't have any new listings to import, that's fine - Just close this pop up down):

Mapping order statuses between your web cart and Expandly – Expandly: Help & Support

Importing Listings – Expandly: Help & Support

Please Note: Once the Shopify token has been refreshed, you may with to carry out a manual import of sales orders, to bring any missing sales orders during the period that the token was revoked. Please see Support Guide below which will explain how you can do this on Expandly:

Manually Importing Sales Orders to Expandly – Expandly: Help & Support

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