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Logo1.png Changing your merge preferences on Expandly



In this guide, we will show you how to change your merge preferences on Expandly. 

Your merge setting will determine how you want to merge your products & listings in Expandly, when importing from your sales channel accounts. There may be times where you wish to change the merge preference previously set on your account, to prevent listings from becoming merged should they share a SKU and or Title, but are a different product and therefore a new product would be required to be created within Expandly for you to manage. 

Checking your merge preference on Expandly

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then select Sales Channels:

2. On your Sales Channel page, find the account you wish to update your merge setting on and within the Merge Settings column, on the drop-down, make the required changes to your Merge Setting. You can select from the following:

SKU and/or Title - this will merge based on a SKU and or Title match

SKU Only - this will merge listings should the SKU only match
Title Only - this will merge listings should the Title only match

Do Not Merge - this will not merge listings even if a SKU and or Title match exists and instead will create a separate product on your Manage Products page per listing(s) imported


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